Clan Wars

We hold Clan Wars continuously and participation is compulsory.  War search typically begins between Midnight - 0200 UTC/GMT.  Most of our core members are in North America and will be able to provide better troop support if we start during this window. 

Failure to use war attacks may result in expulsion from the clan.

*** If you will be unable to (or don't want to) fight in an upcoming war please be sure to adjust your opt-out setting.  At the start of war search we must trim available participants to a multiple of 5.  Members of our Facebook messenger general conversation will have war priority. 

General Requirements
    1. We use or to call our targets. Leadership will give you a code to access our war calling page via Clan Mail and Messenger. Only call one target at a time.  When you have attacked your target return to the Clash Caller war page and update your results. At that time you may call your 2nd target. Please attack your target within 4 hours of calling it (or 4 hrs from the start of Battle Day if you called early).
    2. Preparation Day
      1. Elders will fill war bases.
      2. Your war base request will be filled with the highest troops available.  However, leadership may decide to override your request and fill it with different troops. DO NOT DELETE troops from your war base unless directed to do so by leadership.
    3. Battle Day
      1. You must use your attacks during each Clan War.  
        We prefer that you use BOTH attacks in war. However, not using your 2nd attack is excused in two situations:
        • Your first attack results in 3 new stars OR
        • We have no mathematical chance of tying or winning the war based on stars available and number of remaining attacks.
      2. New members must attack within first 4-6 hours. Your performance will be evaluated for retention in the clan. 
      3. Your first attack should always be against the highest base that you expect to 3-star (or 2 stars against a top 5 base). Do not shoot ridiculously low to earn 3 stars when you could easily 3 star a higher base. Such behavior may rob lower members of scoring opportunities, reducing the clan's overall potential score. 
      4. The 2nd attack should be used to gain more stars. You may be tempted to go for loot, but you'll only see a fraction of that loot if we lose by a star because you went for loot instead of stars. 

    For new members to participate in our Clan Wars:
    • Make sure you have donated troops and that your donation ratio exceeds 33% (take no more than 3 for each troop donated).  We define "takers" as anyone with a donation ratio less than 33%. Takers are kicked prior to war search.  New members with 0/0 donations may be kicked for inactivity prior to war search.
    • If you came to us from a clan that was in the middle of a war:
      • Hopefully you did not leave without using both of your attacks.  If you did, please leave our clan now.  We don't need members that are not committed to using their war attacks.
      • You will not be eligible to participate in our war until your previous clan's war is over.
    REMINDER: do not fill war bases without clearing it with an elder/leader. 
    If you find your war base filled with giants, goblins, wall breakers or weak troops drop them immediately to make room for better troops.