Membership Requirements

  1. Clan War participation is mandatory
  2. Troop DONATIONS
    • Donate a minimum 1000 troops per league season. 
    • Only donate what is requested. If you cannot provide what is requested DO NOT DONATE.
    • You must maintain at least 1:3 donation rate (take NO MORE than 3x the amount you've donated). This is a MINIMUM standard. Do not play on the fringe and expect leniency when you 'accidentally' fall below 1:3. Exercise caution and keep a higher ratio. *The exception to this rule is members (mini accounts) with low level troops and at the beginning of a new league season when counters are reset to zero.
    • All members should eventually achieve 1:2 or higher donation rate. 1:1 or higher is preferred.
  3. Troop REQUESTS
    • Request a minimum 1000 troops per league season.
    • Aside from Clan War troop requests [which we expect will be as high as we have available] request troops AT THE LEVEL YOU CAN DONATE or lower.  If you request "L6 Wizards", then we expect that you can GIVE BACK L6 Wizards.
    • Please do not always request high level troops for your personal raids. Save level-specific troop requests for war or for war practice raids. [example: L4+ Golem for GoWiWi practice]
    • If you want to request a troop that you can't train at all, combine the request with something that you can train. If you would like Hogs but can't train any yourself, then group the request with something you can train. Ex: Hogs OR L5 Giants (prefer Hogs). If someone has Hogs available you will get Hogs. 
    • If you see a member fill your request with inappropriate troops, please report that member to one of the clan leaders/elders. Tell us what you requested and what was given. (You may report via clan chat in game and messaging via our Facebook group page linked below.) 
    • Do not spam chat with your request. Repeated posts of "Donate" are obnoxious. The green indicator in chat lets us know that requests are up.  They will get filled. Be patient.
  4. Promotion Don't ask for it. Earn it.
  5. Chat conduct
    • Malicious language, gratuitous swearing, and use of racial slurs may be grounds for immediate dismissal. 
    • Keep critiques positive & helpful. Be patient. (Members that are condescending and overly critical are divisive and of no value to the clan.)
    • English is the common language of the clan. Keeping chat in a common language builds camaraderie. When you find a member that speaks your native non-English tongue it is tempting to carry on a conversation in the non-English language. We ask that you avoid this temptation and keep the majority of chat in English, so a maximum number of members can participate in conversations.
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