Promotion within World Reavers is always earned, never gifted.

With that said, it is our opinion that each and every member should have the opportunity to earn rank.  Earning rank gives you a stake in the clan... a sense of ownership.  We want every member to feel like they own the clan, that it is their place.
  • How to earn Elder.  
    • Be a member in good standing for a minimum of 1 complete league season
    • Donate 2000 troops value before the final day of a single league season. Get it done early so leadership is sure to see your achievement before the counters reset.
    • Be helpful and active in chat.
    • Join our Facebook Page and use Facebook Messenger.  If you don't use Facebook, create a dummy account for messaging.  You will need to send a friend request to a clan leader so they can invite you to the group and add you to our Messenger conversations.
  • Maintaining Elder rank.  Elders are the backbone of the clan.  They provide the personality that will either attract or repel new members.  So Elders need to remain active and always meet the 1000 troops per league season donation requirement.
  • Elders' responsibilities - 
    • Maintain chat decorum
    • Be a model of behavior and enforce clan conduct standards.  
    • In the absence of the leader or co-leader(s), evaluate and approve/deny applications for clan membership. 
    • Request troops often to create donation opportunities for others.
    • Check Clan War bases often and help make sure all CCs are filled prior to Battle Day.

Promotion to the rank of Co-Leader is neither guaranteed nor even likely.  It is based upon the needs of the clan and upon leadership's observations of your activities in all aspects of clan life: chat frequency & conduct, quality & quantity of donations, clan war participation. Do not ask to be promoted to Co-Leader.  We will ask you.