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A great way to learn Clash of Clans attack strategies is by watching replays of successful 3 stars attacks. Every base design is slightly different due to the strength and location of defensive structures. The attack strategies used in these replays will give you a general idea of how to approach your attacks.

Attack Strategies - Compendium from Clash of Clans Wikia

FIRST STEP IN CLAN WARS/Trophy pushing - Draw out and destroy Clan Castle (CC) Troops.
Example 1 - Demonstrates using Giants to lure CC, then dispatches enemy with lightning  and without lightning

Drawing out clan castle troops - example #1

Example 2 - Shows successes and failures with good commentary

Drawing out clan castle troops - example #2

Aaron's notes: 
  • Make sure ALL clan castle troops have been drawn out.
  • Giants are very effective lures. High HP keeps them alive long enough to lure out all troops (usually).
  • Lightning splash damage is effective against low HP troops. Don't waste your Lightning spell on CC dragons, use it where it can deal out the most area damage.
  • Sacrificial balloons are effective on CC troops that you can cluster together. Remember, the balloon won't attack the troops, it will just hurt them when it comes falling out of the sky after the enemy troops destroy it.

SECONDARY CONCERN - Draw out and destroy heroes (Barb King and Archer Queen). Depending on your attack method, failure to take out the heroes early can cause an early end to your attack run.