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Clan Castle (CC)
  • The CC is critical to your defense.  Keep it centralized to make it most difficult to lure out of range of other defenses.
  • Splash Damage trumps all (Wizards, Dragons, Valkyries, etc). 
  • A properly manned CC can destroy the enemy's spearhead attack and can make the difference between 49% destruction (heroic defense) and 50% (1 star defeat).
Town Hall (TH). In Clan War always keep TH centralized.  Farming config is an immediate 1-star loss.  

Defensive Units
  • Defensive units should be walled unless you are baiting a trap with them.  
  • Air Defenses and Mortars should always be defended, and preferably in an inner ring, as opposed to just inside an outer wall. 
    Air Defenses are essential to defeating healer strategies and dragon attacks. Defend these units well.
  • Basic Funneling 101

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